September 2022

Program highlights achievements of Street Universities
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The Street University was featured on news/current affairs television program The Project in May 2022.

It’s been 14 years since the first Street University was opened in Liverpool in 2008. Founders, Matt and Naomi Noffs, launched the program to help young people who were dealing with drug, crime and mental health related issues. The concept was inspired by an idea Ted Noffs envisioned in the 60s – that “no young person is a write off”.

One of those featured on The Project, Ian Escandor, first entered Street University as a teenager. He now holds a degree in Community Welfare at Western Sydney University and is a full-time co-ordinator at Street University Mt Druitt.

“[Street University] is like a family to me,” Ian said.

The initiative has helped more than 10,000 young people and continues to help thousands more push past their disadvantages and contribute to their communities through engaging workshops ranging from music to computer coding.

Evidence-based counselling is offered at each centre to help young people reduce their drug use, involvement with crime and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Independent research into Street University over a period of three years found:

  • 63% reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • 55% of participants at Street University found an improvement in their quality of life
  • 71% experienced reduced trauma

Street University campuses are in NSW, ACT and QLD. The pioneering youth movement focusses on providing support to young people aged 12-25.

Whether you’re looking to hone your creative skills, move beyond your drug problems, find housing, do better at school or even just find a community, the Street University can cater for all of it.

Watch The Project feature on The Street University here:

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