Employment Workshop

  • Location: Mt Druitt
  • Day(s): Wednesday
  • Time: 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.
About the Workshop

The employment workshop offered at Street Uni Mt Druitt offers young people a chance to build on skills needed to enter the workforce. In the workshop, young people get the chance to learn how to write an appealing resume as well as structure and prepare a cover letter. Mock interviews exercised in the workshop contribute to the young person’s communication skills, and assistance in perfecting computing skills are encouraged in order to improve existing strengths the young person possesses. The young person also learns how to search for jobs, seek where jobs are most available and learn how to apply, giving them the ability to actively enter the workforce with the right skills and ambition.
Along with employment assistance, the workshop offers education help, assisting young people looking for courses to study, possible apprenticeships and guidance after HSC. Young people are assisted in finding out how to enter TAFE or University, the occupations offered with the course and other possibilities that are available if they are unable to do so. This workshop ensures that young people are aware of the possibilities and options available to them in order to succeed after high school.