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Street Youth League

At the Street University we make an effort to involve the young people in as many different aspects of the organisation as we can. Their input is highly valued as we are constantly striving to provide services that are both engaging and educational, but more importantly, services that young people feel will benefit other young people. This means inviting them along to participate in meetings, taking an active role in the planning and implementation of programs and events; and teaching them skills that assist them in becoming positive role models and leaders within their own peer groups and communities.

A Youth Council. That's what they are typically called, but the young people from Mt Druitt felt that this name was boring and would scare people away rather than invite them to participate. So they renamed their council 'STREET YOUTH LEAGUE'. The team is currently made up of 6 dedicated individuals; Manu Tameifuna, Nive Namoa, Archie Graff, Carniel Dunlop, , Joan Pilia'e & Nate Bently. Whilst they are in their early stages of formation, they have already seen the influence they can have by simply making suggestions which is then taken on board by the staff.

Street-Youth-League[Street Youth League: Mt Druitt]

Their first accomplishment was in fact the news that The Street University Mt Druitt will now be receiving food donations from Second Bite which they can not only utilise within the centre, but package together as hampers to provide to local families who may be going through financial hardship. This is an activity that has been taking place at The Street University Liverpool  in partnership with Oz Harvest for some time and the Street Youth League are ecstatic that they can now do the same. Deliveries will be made every Thursday afternoon.

Another HUUUGE venture that they will be undertaking that also occurs on a weekly basis is 'The Collab Movement' project which takes place in Dawsons Mall, Mt Druitt. Musical and sporting activities such as Basketball and MC cyphers are set up every Thursday from 3.30pm - 6:30pm to encourage positive youth engagement, reduce antisocial behaviour, increase community perceptions and provide opportunities for young people to pursue positive pathways.

collab[Photos from Collab Movement in Dawsons Mall]

Yep. Thats two massive projects that the Street Youth League are now involved in... Breathe In- Breathe out... But we believe with the right support and guidance these opportunities will provide a springboard for them to develop their leadership, organisation, networking and communication skills, which we hope they will carry with them as they transition from teenagers into young adults.

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