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#MadeInMtDruitt 2 - Rob and Kathleen

And were back with #MadeInMtDruitt no 2 featuring a couple who have been residents of Mt Druitt for 50+ years. Rob and Kathleen give their insight into their experiences living in the 2770. They tell us about the sense of community the area has as the groups they are involved with including the Whalan Community Group.

These are the stories that many of us from Mt Druitt know like the back of our hand, but the ones that are somehow lost or overlooked. Thank you Rob and Kathleen for being a part of our campaign and if you would like to help The Street University, Ted Noffs Foundation continue the work they do in the community you can find out more information by visiting the following pages to donate, become a partner, or volunteer.

"Accept everybody for who they are, regardless of nationality, regardless of religion" - Rob

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