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ABOUT THE MAN WITH THE CHEESY SMILE Oh hi there, how is it going? Actually, don’t answer that because people will think you have gone a little mad talking to yourself. I’m looking out for you. Now that we have built a connection I can tell you 4 things that you need to know about me. 1. I can't spell my name. My name is spelt 'Firas' and at the age of 17 I was forced to change it to 'Feras' because an error occurred during my passport process when I was a baby. 2. I am studying Bachelor of Design (visual communication) at UWS. 3. I am multi-disciplined. if I have a vision I will learn all the skills needed to develop it. My skill-set covers disciplines from graphic design all the way to video direction. As well as a designer I am also a choreographer working in a variety of dance styles. I love to create. (Hence I call myself a visual communicator). 4. I am not your average guy (but who is?). I am quirky, playful, honest and thorough; I use these traits to my advantage to create all sorts of work that result in innovative and targeted visual communication. I see design as a way of communicating the things we can’t say. Design achieves our objectives, good design conveys our thoughts and emotions. I think that’s enough about me. Your turn maybe?

Feras Shaheen

  • Who inspires you and how? In terms of my design and dance career I can’t really name one person. I am inspired by a lot of teachers, mentors, professionals that I came across through out the years. I try to always keep an open mind and accept every platform of creativity so I can learn and grow, no matter whom it is from or what they are creating. In terms of me as a person I would have to say my dad. As cliché as it sounds my dad inspires me to be a better person, as he is the most genuine person I know. It’s so cheesy that you can make a really well cooked lasagne with it but it’s the truth.
  • What are some of your most memorable performance highlights? Every performance is a blur…All I know is that I walk out of the stage feeling good whether it was in front of 10 people or 15,000 people
  • What are you working on in the upcoming year? Other than working full time as a graphic designer and participating in events with my dance crew Kingdom Culture, I would like to work on my personal projects and get them off the ground. Right now I want to try to make ‘ta-pa dance app’ (ta-pa.com) into a real app and not just a prototype as well expand with ‘Bearded Children Streetwear’ (facebook.com/BeardedChildrenStreetwear).
  • Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?
  • What message would you like to convey to other young up and coming individuals looking to pursue a career in this industry? No matter what creative field you want to pursue, remember to be yourself… because everyone else is taken.For more on Feras please check out the links below: http://www.feras.com.au/http://www.youtube.com/user/wobwobwobFez