September 2022

Noffs says that NSW has de-facto decriminalised drugs
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The Sydney Morning Herald has stated that the NSW government has rejected the ice inquiry recommendation on decriminalisation of the possession of small quantities of illegal drugs.

But a closer reading of the government’s response to the Inquiry shows that decriminalisation is what is going to happen in all but name.

While refusing to accept the recommendation, Mr Perrottet announced that ‘those who do get caught up in taking drugs do need health and care support.’ He then outlined the government’s new strategy whereby people using drugs, instead of being arrested and facing court, could be issued with a fine (two times maximum) which can then be avoided if they undertake a treatment program.

Matt Noffs, CEO of the Ted Noffs Foundation explained that this is in fact de-facto decriminalisation. In an ABC radio interview he said, “Essentially, this is a significant step away from criminalising people who have a serious drug problem.’

Mr Noffs also praised the government for the investment in evidence-based drug courts and called for police leadership to educate officers in using discretion under the new policy.

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Photo credit: Sydney Morning Herald