Just One Life

Young people are dying every year at Australian music festivals. Those deaths are due to drugs and our inability to reduce the risks associated with experimentation. However, death should not be  the punishment for young people experimenting. We need to reduce the harm associated with drugs wherever possible. That is why we are urging governments to support pill testing at every Australian music festival. 

Right now governments have condemned the notion of doctors running pill testing pilots using medical-grade machines at festivals. However, anyone can buy a pill testing kit (reagent kit) online or through retail outlets.

We believe that neither death nor criminalisation is a justifiable punishment for young people and it certainly doesn’t deter most young Australians. 

We believe that every life counts and that pill testing is the best available option to reduce drug related deaths at music festivals this year.

We believe that saving just one life matters.

Please use the hashtag #JustOneLife to spread the message this festival season and join our movement. 

Why pill testing?

What's stopping pill testing?

Everybody's life means something