February 2023

Palaszcuk & Noffs address the social determinants of youth crime
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The Queensland Government is to fund the Ted Noffs Foundation to operate a residential program that has helped university researchers prove a direct connection between effective treatment for young people with alcohol and other drug addictions and lowering criminal behaviour.

Findings from a University of NSW led project endorse the view that repeat offending could be significantly curbed among young people who have a history of criminal convictions if they receive sustained and effective therapeutic intervention for alcohol and substance abuse.

The researchers say it is the first time a direct correlation has been established between young people receiving drug and alcohol treatments and the impact this has on their offending behaviour over a longer term.

Youth Justice Minister Leanne Linard said the new program will help “combat the connection between substance misuse and youth crime”.

The residential facility, Program for Adolescent Life Management (PALM), will be located in the Moreton Bay region and will provide a 10-bed centre where young people up to 17 years old can stay for up to 3 months of intensive treatment followed by ongoing community-based care.
Chief investigator and co-author of the study, Associate Professor Sally Nathan from the School of Population Health, UNSW Medicine and Health said, “This is a massive win for these young people and the community.”

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Photo credit: INQUEENSLAND