Noffs has partnered up with febfast in 2017 to raise funds for support programs focusing on disadvantaged young people most at risk of problematic alcohol and drug use. These programs support them towards a healthy future in which they are in control. Funds raised in NSW and ACT will go towards the vital services provided by Noffs.

How does one febfast?

febfast is the great Australian pause from alcohol or sugar for the month of February in support of disadvantaged young people. Alternatively you can choose something else to give up e.g social media or coffee. To become a febfaster:

1) Choose your fast

2) Register at www.febfast.org.au/

3) Spread the word

4) Be a superstar and fast and fundraise during the month of February


febfasters find themselves in a win-win situation. In part because the funds raised go to awesome organisations like Noffs. But also because: 

What about my friends?

They can join in on the fun too! febfast can be done as an individual, as a family, or even with those at work. Head over to the febfast website to find out how.