Daily Telegraph Reports Just 30 Days Treatment Can Change Young Lives

September 2022

Noffs program significantly reduces hospitalisation even years later
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Just 30 days can change the life of a young adult battling drug and alcohol problems, according to new revelations in a ground- breaking study. The study of young people aged between 13 and 18 who took part in the two Ted Noffs Foundation adolescent drug treatment programs in Sydney and the ACT found that up to 15 years later, their health was better than a comparison group of other people their own age.

The University of NSW Sydney study found that the average risk of hospitalisation for the young people who had gone through the rehabilitation was 23 per cent lower for a physical injury, 38 per cent lower for a mental health problem, 41 per cent lower for a substance use disorder, and 29 per cent lower for an organic illness.

One of the most important findings was that as little as 30 days treatment was associated with a lower rate of hospitalisation for all diagnostic categories, including substance use problems.

The study compared the details with a group of young people who were referred to the programs run by the charity, but did not attend or dropped out.

Ted Noffs Foundation chief executive Matt Noffs said the findings were important for the health of the young people but also because they could potentially significantly reduce the burden on hospitals during COVID and save money.

From Daily Telegraph 24/01/2022

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