September 2022

Matt Noffs applauds the new health-based approach
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The Byron Shire Echo reports that while the NSW government has said ‘No’ to the decriminalisation of drugs, it intends to implement a policy that will divert people from the criminal justice system and into treatment.

Matt Noffs, CEO of the Ted Noffs Foundation, told the Echo, ‘There is an evolution of drug policy across the country and NSW is following similar lines. It’s political ‘magic’ in a way – to market ideas that are traditionally ‘tough on drugs’ in the hope that it aligns with perceptions of safety in the community. However, despite what is marketed externally, most evidence-based drug policy has been slowly pivoting away from criminalisation and heading toward diversion – which, of course, is safer in reality.’

’I call it ‘’decrim lite’ or ‘diet decrim’ – the government is moving in the right direction and dipping their toe in the water, but it’s most certainly letting the past policies go – albeit slowly,’ he said.

‘Queensland is probably next and Victoria is making moves as well. You will have the whole of the east coast that will have decriminalisation,’ he added.

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Photo credit: Byron Shire Echo