Breaking The Ice

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"‘Breaking the Ice’ draws upon Matt’s years of valuable experience and research to broaden the conversation around drug policy reform. His compelling work provides a much-needed voice in the ongoing debate against the war on drugs and I support his recent ambitions to establish inhalation facilities within drug consumption rooms to further the treatment of drug use as a public health issue, rather than a crime."
- Sir Richard Branson


With the help of an incredible bunch of people at the Noffs Foundation and other leaders in the health, law enforcement and policy fields, I wrote a book!

It is available now and is called, “Breaking the Ice: how we will get through Australia’s methamphetamine crisis.”

The book is for those who are interested in knowing the truth about ice. It acknowledges that to keep the ice crisis contained and managed, we need to deal with it strategically. Not just throw money at scary ad campaigns. We need to put this ‘crisis’ into perspective and understand exactly what we can do as parents, family members and a community to reduce the harm that ice does to our children.

The importance of showing the real picture and providing answers that can’t fit into a sound bite or TV ad was brought home to me when I interviewed Julie whose son Robert (not their real names) is an ice addict. To find out more about their story please support us by ordering a book (below) or by making a donation.

With ongoing gratitude,

Matt Noffs

Click here to buy the book now!