#JustOneLife ☝️ - Video 4: Everybody's life means something

May 08, 2017 The Noffs Team Comments

Have a listen to David Caldicott, Alex Wodak and Matt Noffs discuss why the #JustOneLife campaign is important to them, why it is important for young people, and why it is so necessary we make it a success.

Dr Caldicott and Dr Wodak both have extensive experience in the medical field - Dr Wodak as the director of the Alcohol and Drug Service and President of The Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation, and Dr Caldicott as an emergency consultant in the ED of Calvary Hospital in Canberra. As CEO of the Noffs Foundation, Australia’s largest youth drug and alcohol service, Mr Noffs has worked with young people for many years and is co-founder of The Street University, a services providing opportunities and mentoring for youth.

All three have seen the negative consequences of harmful drug use and are pushing for law reform to better prioritise the safety of young people.





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