#JustOneLife ☝️ Pill Testing Breakthrough

June 08, 2017 The Noffs Team Comments

You may have heard that, for the past six months, the #JustOneLife campaign has been in discussions with the ACT government to trial pill testing. Well, we’ve made a breakthrough, with the government to consider pill testing later this year at Spilt Milk!

In a recent op-ed in the Guardian, Matt - along with Alex Wodak and Toni Makkai - discussed these developments and praised the government for its fresh perspective, particularly significant given the hostile attitude towards pill testing from neighbouring New South Wales.

We are relieved that, finally, pill testing is taking gradual yet significant steps forward, moving from a controversial debate topic to a policy initiative that is being looked at seriously by governments. We congratulate the ACT government for its progressive policy outlook and encourage them to keep in mind the positive results pill testing has had in other countries, as well as the overdue, pressing need to establish a comprehensive health and social response to illicit drugs.

Ultimately though, we want to thank all of you for supporting #JustOneLife. We couldn’t have made it this far without you, and we urge you to stick with us as we navigate the exciting times ahead. We’re halfway there!

If you haven’t already read the article, you can find it here: http://buff.ly/2qCCBqj





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