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  • #JustOneLife ☝️ - Video 2: Why pill testing?

    April 24, 2017 The Noffs Team Comments
    Why pill testing? Why are we pushing this initiative so strongly? Not only is it a way for people to find out exactly what and how much they are consuming, thus helping them make informed decisions, it is also an effective way of reaching a demographic that are often unreachable ...
  • #JustOneLife ☝️

    April 04, 2017 The Noffs Team Comments
    Our campaign for pill testing is becoming more urgent every day. We’ve seen too many young people suffer the adverse effects of drugs at Australian music festivals, and some have died as a result. The past year has seen a rise in new synthetic drugs hitting Australian streets; these ...
  • There is no debate on pill testing

    March 13, 2017 The Noffs Team Comments
    - Updated 5 February 2019. MDMA has a reputation as a culprit in overdoses and harmful drug use. This is because it is too often conflated with ecstasy, the street name for a drug which may contain MDMA but which may also contain a number of other unknown substances, making it ...
  • Recreational use of MDMA and the development of Ecstasy

    March 13, 2017 The Noffs Team Comments
    - Updated 4 February 2019. Ecstasy began to emerge on the youth party scene in the 1980s, initially in isolated pockets of youth subculture [1]. It was previously investigated for medicinal purposes, predominantly in treating anxiety and PTSD [2] and its early use was largely clinical, amongst a closely connected group ...
  • Pill testing as a harm reduction strategy

    March 13, 2017 The Noffs Team Comments
    - Updated 1 February 2019. Harm reduction measures aim to reduce the risks associated with illicit drugs and create a more informed environment surrounding drug consumption, ultimately improving the welfare of the community. Whilst we do not see any one, single, harm reduction measure as the holy grail, regulating certain measures ...




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