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  • GIVE THEM ICE: How treating drug dependency with drugs works

    March 09, 2015 The Noffs Team Comments
    I don't really like the word addiction. I prefer to say dependency. To me, dependency is a much better characterisation of the problem: when you depend on something, there is an element of that thing having control over you, and loss of control is one of the scariest things ...
  • THE HASLAM LEGACY: Does mental health block medicinal and recreational cannabis?

    March 03, 2015 The Noffs Team Comments
    A variation of this blog was also published in The Canberra Times, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. Click here to see the original OP ED. Following the death of Dan Haslam, the man who helped make medicinal marijuana trials a reality in NSW, we should take a moment ...
  • WHY BIGGER ISN'T BETTER: The danger of over-spending on mental health

    February 13, 2015 The Noffs Team Comments
    The team here recently saw this review: The cold, hard truth about the ice bucket challenge of the success of the ALS ice bucket challenge which discusses the issues of funding cannibalism. At first glance it is tempting to dismiss this argument as sour grapes, especially for people not intimately ...
  • RISKY BUSINESS: How young people make decisions around drugs

    December 15, 2014 The Noffs Team Comments
    Risk is the potential of losing something of value, weighed against the potential to gain something of value. One of the basic goals of criminal sentencing is to act as a deterrent to recidivism and to others in the community, but using sentencing as a deterrent relies on the people ...
  • LET'S GET TECHNICAL: Know your stance on drug law.

    December 08, 2014 The Noffs Team Comments
    The War on Drugs. The War on Terror. Stop The Boats. The Recession We Had to Have. Debate about public policy in Australia seems to be conducted primarily by creating short, punchy headlines that oversimplify complex issues, in order to galvanise public opinion in favour of one political ideology or ...




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