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  • Pill Testing: Frequently asked questions

    January 31, 2019 The Noffs Team Comments
    The renewed push for pill testing has been gathering momentum in recent months. Inevitably, those who are opposed to it have been vocal about why they consider it either ineffective, or just plain bad for the community. Understandably, this has created a lot of confusion about what exactly pill testing ...
  • Addicted? excerpt 11: Fraying at the Edges

    August 08, 2018 The Noffs Team Comments
    Fraying at the Edges 2017. Sydney. I am in Centennial Park. I’ve left work tired and frustrated. The job of CEO of the Ted Noffs Foundation can sometimes take its toll on my family and me. I’ve just heard that the Premier of New South Wales has refused ...
  • Addicted? excerpt 10: Dionysus

    August 01, 2018 The Noffs Team Comments
    Dionysus Damien shoots across the field. The crowd cheers - and no one more than his father, Tony. The young man touches down. Tony punches his fist into the air. ‘That’s my son!’ he shouts. In some ways Damien is nothing like his dad. Damien has always admired Dionysus, the ...
  • Addicted? excerpt 9: Bad Choices?

    July 25, 2018 The Noffs Team Comments
    The Crayfishers 1999. Geraldton, Western Australia. A crayfishing pot hauler chugs along what seems like the edge of the earth. Behind it, the sun sinks below the horizon. A surfer sits on his board, bobbing up and down on the waves. The wind is strong and hits him in the ...
  • Addicted? excerpt 8: The Girl Who Started Something

    July 18, 2018 The Noffs Team Comments
    The Girl Who Started Something 1982. Western Sydney. A living-room window is half open to the night. The crickets chirp outside. On the other side of the window, a little girl stares out into the darkness. She wonders if Santa’s reindeer will be coming soon. It’s Christmas Eve ...




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