September 2022

Matt Noffs calls for money to hit the frontline
All Media Room

The ABC has reported that, as its response to the recommendations of the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Drug Ice, the NSW government will invest $500 million into health and justice reforms.

Matt Noffs, CEO of the Ted Noffs Foundation, has welcomed this investment, but with a caveat.

Speaking to ABC radio he said, ‘The government said they have made a historic investment into treatment. Out of the $500 million, I believe it’s roughly $350 million. I want to see 100% of that $350 million hit the frontline. I don’t want a cent of that wasted anywhere else, certainly not brought in to expand the bureaucracy. I want to see the full realisation of that so that parents know that when they’re sending their child to a Ted Noffs Foundation or to a We Help Ourselves, wherever they’re trying to get someone into treatment. Or trying to get themselves into treatment, they know that there won’t be a long waiting line for that. And that’s the current experience of many people who have drug problems.’

‘The only way we can truly fix that is to get 100% of that $350 million into the frontline and not waste a cent on it going elsewhere into the bureaucracy’ he concluded.

Photo credit: Justin Lloyd