What’s involved in volunteering at The Street University?

At The Street University volunteers are neither simply an addition to The Street University’s work, nor are they an avenue to supplement paid positions. Volunteerism is an integral strand of The Street University’s core offering.

Volunteers with The Street University ARE:

Volunteering at the Street University is an opportunity for people to contribute in a way that gives them a sense of fulfilment. Noffs invites you to work with us as a volunteer by submitting an expression of interest online.

What kind of volunteer are you?

General volunteers are those who would like to help with the day to day running of The Street University. The roles of this group will also be the most varied, from organising events, assisting to facilitate arts, sports, education programs, and creating marketing and promotional material. In order to best ensure that they have a positive experience general volunteers are managed on a project-based system.

Student Internships

University and TAFE students are able to volunteer through specially organised placements where they will gain specific work experience for a determined period of time. This may be organised through an educational facility or individually by the person.

Course Facilitator

Course facilitators will facilitate the various courses and activities of The Street University. Fundamentally, they are members of society who are interested in either creating a course, facilitating a course or both. Course facilitators will be the people who are dealing directly and closely with the young people and as such it is important that they have experience/receive adequate training and ongoing supervision and support to ensure a mutually beneficial experience for themselves as well as course participants.


Specialist Volunteers refer to those who are volunteering their skilled or professional services to the The Street University organisation and/or The Street University youth. For example, these volunteers may be health professionals/counsellors who provide their services to the youth or alternatively, they may be web professionals/solicitors who volunteer their services to The Street University, the organisation. Where a professional wants to teach a course, they would volunteer their services through the Course Facilitator stream.

Don’t know…?

Not sure where you fit in? Feel free to contact us and express your interest in volunteering at The Street University or, alternatively, you can drop in and visit us during our operating hours. Applications can be submitted online.

If you have any further questions about volunteering, please contact us during our operational hours on 1800 151 045.