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We Have a Champion Amongst Us

They may call him Mr Escandaor but here at The Street University we know him as his Esky; the rapper, the workshop facilitator, the event co-coordinator, the sound engineer, the mentor and the leader. And we are ecstatic to receive news that his efforts have not gone unnoticed. Last week Esky was nominated in ‘Champions of The West’, a grants competition to recognize the hard working individuals based in Western Sydney. There are 12 categories each awarded $10,000 with the overall winner taking an additional $10,000. But the money isn’t what's most important here, what were happy about is the fact that he is recognized for all his hard work.


[Music Workshop facilitated by Esky)

Esky has been with The Street University for four years now and is the Assistant Manager at the Mt Druitt site. Growing up in the area, Esky has proven himself to be an instrumental member of the team who understands the struggles local youth face today. Julie Dubuc, the manager of The Street University Mt Druitt said, “He can engage people who wouldn’t otherwise engage with us. He helps them to open up about the things that hold them back and helps them get past those things.” Esky is currently studying a Bachelor of Community Welfare at University of Western Sydney (Bankstown) and noted in an interview with the Mt Druitt Standard that it is his grass roots connection with the area that continues to drive his passion for working with youth.

Whether or not he is announced a winner in the upcoming competition, we would just like to congratulate and thank him for all of his contributions to both Street Uni and the local community and let him know that he will always be a champion in our eyes.


[Esky performing at the National Youth Week Event: O Festival]

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