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Vegas Baby

The Street University has just had a massive weekend with the news of The Pioneers placing third in the Mega Crew division of the Australian leg of The Hip Hop Internationals. This means that they will be heading over to Vegas in August to represent Australia and battle it out against crews from all over the world! YEE-YAAH!!!

[Pictured above: The Pioneers as they celebrate the announcement of their victory]

The Pioneers is made up of three smaller crews; Imprint, Liquorice & Romans, all of whom claim the Liverpool Street University as their home base. They have 28 young people in total many of whom went through a strict audition process. They hail from all over Sydney with the majority representing the South West and have been performing together since January 2013. In such a short time they have managed to rapidly climb the ladder of numerous aspiring dancers to be titled one of Australia's best crews. Winners of Street Legacy 3 & 4 in consecutive years and taking out the number one position in the HHI state championships, the Pioneers definitely exhibit the determination and passion that is required to hit the next level that is the international stage.

[Pictured above: The Pioneers during their HHI performance]

Although celebrations are still continuing their leader & Choreographer Eliam Royalness acknowledges that they must not get complacent and in effect will be continuing their training regime with practices to be held at the Street University Liverpool. The Street University will continue to support The Pioneers as they embark on a massive mission to raise the financial capital that is necessary for them to compete in World championships. We wish them all the best in their future endevours and plan to be right by their side the entire way through.

[Pictured above: Roueida Maskaleh, Eliam Royalness & Delise Kerehona]

[Photographs courtesy of Jackie Te-Aroha]

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