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Street Uni Clothing Young Designer Competitions

To bring in the New Year Street Uni Clothing will be kicking of a monthly competition to provide more opportunities for young aspiring designers and artists to have their works printed onto a t-shirt and join the Street Uni Clothing label. If you are interested in participating, you can find all the details below.

1. Submit your digital file or scanned image to customs@streetuniclothing during the submission dates (see below), or at one of the Street University campuses:
Liverpool: 1 Speed St, Liverpool, 2170
Mt Druitt: 11 Cleeve Cl, Mt Druitt, 2770

2. Designs will be uploaded to the 'Street Uni Clothing' Facebook page
3. Users will be able to vote for their favourites by liking the images. Voting period is open for 10 Days.
4. The top 3 designs with the most likes move onto the deciding round.
5. The Street Uni Clothing team will discuss and select the winner.
6. The winner will be announced via Facebook and email.
7. The new design will go into production and ready for sale the following month.
8. The winner will be supplied the garment complimentary incl. free Postage & Handling.

Submit Design: Monday 5 Jan - Monday 12 Jan
Voting Period: Monday 12 Jan - Thursday 22 Jan
Winner Announced: Thursday 29 Jan
Release Date: In store 1st FEB and online shortly after

Submit Design: Monday 2 Feb - Monday 9 Feb
Voting Period: Monday 9 Feb - Thursday 19 Feb
Winner Announced: Thursday 26 Feb
Release Date: In store 2nd MAR and online shortly after

Submit Design: Monday 2 Mar - Monday 9 Mar
Voting Period: Monday 9 Mar - Thursday 19 Mar
Winner Announced: Thursday 26 Mar
Release Date: In store 6th APR and online shortly after

Submit Design: Monday 6 Apr - Monday 13 Apr
Voting Period: Monday 13 Apr - Thursday 23 Apr
Winner Announced: Thursday 30 Apr
Release Date: In store 4th MAY and online shortly after

Submit Design: Monday 4 May - Monday 11 May
Voting Period: Monday 11 May - Thursday 21 May
Winner Announced: Thursday 28 May
Release Date: In store 1st June and online shortly after

Submit Design: Monday 1 Jun - Monday 8 Jun
Voting Period: Monday 8 Jun - Thursday 18 Jun
Winner Announced: Thursday 25 Jun
Release Date: In store 1st June and online shortly after

> Young designers must be aged between twelve (12) to Twenty-five (25).
> You can submit a maximum of two (2) designs per month.
> If your design does not get selected, you can resubmit the same design in the following month.
> The design can be either one colour (black or white) or full colour.
> Line work must not be smaller than 3mm.
> Your design must not contain: explicit language, obscene/offensive gestures or discriminatory content.
> When submitting you must provide your: Full Name, Birth Date, Post Code, Contact Number & Email.
> Once you submit your design you are agreeing to let Street Uni Clothing produce and reproduce your design.

If you have any further questions about the competition you can email them to To see the current collections just visit or click here

Happy designing and good luck :)

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