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Next Stop Korea!

We just want to give a quick shout out to Street Kulture Breakers AKA SKB who will be heading to Korea to represent Australia after being announced the 2014 champions of the R16’s Oceania for the third consecutive year. Wh-Whaatt!? You heard right, these guys are absolutely killing it in the scene and have a proven performance history that’s really raising the bar for other Australian B-boy crews including 1st place wins at:

Kick Up the Dust Band and dance competition (2001)
Elite Dance Competition 1st Place (2002, 2003)
Hoopdreamz – Groove Dance Challenge (2003, 2004, 2005)
Euphoria Dance Competition (2004)
Hoopdreamz – Battlegrounds Interstate Dance challeng (2005)
Kick up the dust Band and Dance Competition (2005)
Australia Bboy (break-dane) Champrionships (2007)
360 freestyle (2008, 2009)
R16 Australia National Champions (2012, 2013, 2014)

And if you’re not too sure what all those competitions are about then check out their show reel which presents highlights from their performances at Australia’s Got Talent, So You Think you Can Dance and numerous other music videos and TV commercials.


SKB have always had a tight relationship with Street Uni and we too have embraced them brothers. If I were to detail exactly SKB contributes to our organization this blog will quickly turn into an essay. But, I will mention that Lowe Napalan runs a FREE Bboy workshop every Friday at The Street University Mt Druitt and Frace Mercardo (FLUKEMEDIA) has worked on various video projects for The Ted Noffs Foundation and we appreciate their involvement Hard Core!


As it is the third time SKB will be heading to the World championships they know that the competition will be tough but are training hard to make sure they do us us proud. The Street Uni team would like to once again congratulate the crew on all of their achievements and wish them all the best.


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