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Heat From The Street: Round One

The Street University has teamed up with Information and Culture Exchange (ICE) to provide opportunities for guerrilla filmmakers who are wanting to break into the mainstream media industry. Utilising the musical talents of the youth from Mt Druitt, the 'Heat From The Street' project has released its first round of videos which include an artist profile and a music video.

Soul Benefits

[Artist Profile: Soul Benefits]

Soul Benefits are the next generation of Sydney Hip Hop. They are a 3 man crew from West Sydney, Australia, which formed back in 2010. The group, consisting of rappers MC Storme, Young Supreme, and rapper / producer The 26th Letter, are ready to show the country what they are made of. Having hustled hard over the last few years, they are quickly gathering a devoted following and praise from some of the industry's heavy hitters. The Soul Benefits boys have taken the lead on the Heat from the Street project and are passing on their benefits to many younger emerging artists from the Mt Druitt area and beyond. They are living the cultural revolution.

[Music Video: Soul Benefits: Back In The Day]

Director: Del-Ray Fruean (ThaClippersBro)
Project Producer: Christian Tancred
Assistant Producer: Randy Glazer

Music Producer: Spell
Music Mixed and Recorded by: 26th Letter

Makeup Artists:
Lilybeth Piñeda
Beau Barter-Q
Saja Oueik
Kat Harvey
Andrea Moschetti

Special Thanks to Bobs Barbershop, The Street University & Information and Cultural Exchange.

Manu Tameifuna

[Artist Profile: Manu Tameifuna]

An incredibly talented singer & producer, Manu represents some of the talent emerging out of Mt Druitt and Western Sydney. His style mixes RnB, Soul, Hip Hop, Trap, Reggae and even ventures into his Pacific Island roots.

[Music Video: All Us (Feat J-Raw) Manu Tameifuna]

vocals by Manu
featuring JRaw
Filmed and edited by Raf Flores
Styled by Teighan Lee

All Us is the debut single from Manu, a young Western Sydney based singer & producer on the rise. With musical influences including early & modern RnB, Soul, Trap, Hip Hop, Reggae, and Pacific Island Roots Manu is proving to be a very versatile artist who has a bright future ahead… Manu's debut single, All Us, showcases his ability to make a hit record, both as a producer and vocalist. Big things ahead for this young, talented artist!

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