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Back Chat

WHAT: Back Chat
WHERE: Suite 1, Level 1, 11 Cleeve Close Mt Druitt
WHEN: 4-5pm
CONTACT: +61 2 8886 2800

Back Chat is an event aimed at facilitating the growth of a young persons critical thinking by encouraging them to engage in conversations with people in power. In this particular event, Michael Coutts-Trotter who is currently the head of the Department of Family and Community Services will be joining us as our main speaker.

He will be sharing his stories of substance abuse and incarceration; but more importantly the ways in which he managed to pull himself out of a dark spiral of events to become a well-recognized member of parliament. So as Drake would say, he "Started From the bottom now [he's] here". And here at Street Uni we respect those that come from the struggle. That’s Real Talk! But we also understand that its often hard a times to voice your opinion as a young person, because you’re often told to listen rather than talk. So putting 1 + 1 together… well it just makes sense to us.

So if you’re keen to come along and check it out, with no pressure to be involved we would love to see you here on Thursday the 8th May 2014. And if you’re thinking you might even want to be involved but just need a little bit of support with you, then bring your mates, your cuzzies, whoever it is that you want to be here.

But just to finish this post off I would like to add a short quote from one of my favourite writers (and no I'm not a big reader)…but yes its Dr Seuss and it goes a little something like this.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” - Dr Seuss

So just remember, the hardest part of asking something, is starting to talk. Don't worry about what comes out after that because you're already one step ahead of where you would have been if you hadn't asked.

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